BPGCD Calendar

**Some meeting dates may be changed or cancelled due to scheduling conflicts**


Regular Meetings

(Please note Regular Meeting day is the third Thursday of each month.)

The Board of Directors holds regular monthly meetings and the public is encouraged to attend. These meetings are normally held on the third Thursday of each month at the District Office, 601 West Main, Johnson City, Texas - Board Meeting times may change, please see the BPGDC Calendar above for those times. The Board Meeting Notice and Agenda are posted in the window next to the door of the District Office. Should circumstances require a different meeting time or place; the information will be included in the notices posted. Members of the public may also obtain copies of the Agenda prior to the meeting by coming by the District Office or by FAX or email if requested.


Other Meetings

From time to time, should the need arise; the Board may schedule other kinds of Board meetings.

Called Meetings:Called Meetings are similar to a Regular Meeting, but may be held between Regular Meetings to address some special purpose or to allow the Board to address time-sensitive issues. The meeting location will normally be the same as the Regular Meetings, but the date will be different. Notices for Called Meetings will be posted in accordance with the policy described under Regular Meetings.

Work Sessions: The Board may schedule a Work Session in order to focus on one or more specific issues, policies, or projects. Work Sessions are intended to provide productive time for the Directors, District Staff, consultants, and other specific participants; allowing them to interact in a more focused and relaxed manner than is normally available at Regular or Called Meetings. Work Sessions are open to the public, but are not intended to be a forum for public comment. The Board will take no action on any matter discussed during a Work Session. The location and time of any Work Session will be scheduled at the convenience of the District to meet the purposes of the Work Session. Notices for Work Sessions will be posted in accordance with the policy described under Regular Meetings.

Emergency Meetings: The Board may schedule an Emergency Meeting, or may add an emergency item to the agenda of a currently posted meeting, in order to address an emergency or urgent public necessity where an imminent threat to public health and safety or reasonably unforeseeable situations will require immediate action by the Board. Emergency Meetings are open to the public, but the meeting locations and times will be scheduled at the convenience of the District. Notice for an Emergency Meetings, or the supplemental notice to an existing notice, will be posted at least two (2) hours prior to the start of the Emergency Meeting or the consideration of the supplementary emergency item at the locations described under Regular Meetings and the reason for the emergency will be clearly stated in the notice.



Regular Board of Directors Meetings Third Thursday of Each Month

*All Meetings of the Blanco-Pedernales Groundwater Conservation District’s Board of Directors are held in accordance with Texas Government Code Chapter 551, Texas Open Meetings Act.